OCR / Scanning Services

Outsource OCR / Scanning ServicesOutsource OCR / Scanning: Editing and indexing services in India To store the voluminous existing paper documents into digital form, scanning the documents is the best option.This not only converts the paper into soft copy but gives the exact replica in the digital format. We have been providing quick and accurate Scanning and OCR services to our global customers.

We can handle scanning with the help of high quality scanners to provide high resolution and quick scanning. We also provide additional service such as OCR (optical character recognition), conversion of hard pages into Adobe PDF, MS word, MS excel etc. We have the technology to efficiently and effectively manage hand-held data collection. It helps you to the long-term storage of paper and you can also save money by outsourcing OCR/Scanning and indexing services to us.

Moving a step ahead, we also provide proof-reading services. After converting paper into desired format we can proof read the data with accuracy. We provide comprehensive proofreading and paper editing and indexing services. Our Proof-reading services are of the level to make sure that the catalog and book is ready to publish.

Outsource OCR / Scanning ServicesOur experienced team has been providing a large number of services in this field. To name a few: OCR (optical character recognition) Conversion and indexing the documents Convert scanned images data into digital text files Proof-reading Services Latest scanning technology We ensure you about the confidentiality and security of data.

Do contact us for your OCR/Scanning and data entry outsourcing requirements at info@catalogprocessing.com